Welcome aboard the Aveia

Tahitian for 'Guiding Star', AVEIA is Hawaii Catamaran Sailing Tours' majestic beauty, that departs daily from Kewalo Basin, located on the west end of Ala Moana Park. AVEIA is the first sailing vessel to ever achieve 40 knots in the open sea!

Discover Oahu like you've never imagined!Whether you're in the mood for a cruise around Diamond Head, or care to join us for an epic sunset experience, AVEIA offers it all, with two hour long private tours for an intimate experience with Hawaii's beautiful Pacific Ocean. 

Onboard, we practice the utmost in safety. Everyone onboard is fitted with a high grade marine harness that enables them to attach to the safety line running the length of the boat.

For the crew of AVEIA, sailing is a passion, an art and a lifestyle. It's what we love the most!


For decades the general public has heard and read about the exploits and tales of daring do of the open ocean racers sailing in large multihull craft in speed runs across the oceans and races around the world and smashing old sailing records in the process.  Hawaii Catamaran Adventures now offers the opportunity for people to jump on board the 55′ High Performance Catamaran AVEIA and get a taste of what it is all about!  AVEIA is the first sailing vessel to ever achieve 40 knots in the open sea!

By sailing with us you are afforded the chance to get together with like minded people who share a love of the sea and a conviction for sailing faster than the speed of the wind.  Hold on tight as you don your ocean racing harness, clip in to the safety line and feel the rush of open ocean adrenaline rushing through your veins, the bight of crisp salty air and salt in your hair. Leaping from wave crest to wave crest you will marvel at the sudden burst of acceleration achievable by just cracking the sheet lines a touch.  This is your opportunity to experience and learn as much as you like about open ocean high speed multihull sailing or voyaging.  Be as hands on as you feel prepared for or just stand back and take it all in.  We will do all that is within our power to help you realize your dreams.

We are conveniently located just minutes away from Waikiki on the west end of Ala Moana Park in Kewalo Basin.